The Meanest Zodiac Sign

1. Scorpio

A Scorpion's approach to life is methodical and deliberate.


They never do anything accidentally, and their actions may occasionally have negative consequences for others.

2. Aries

Aries can be blunt and they won't soften their words just to spare your emotions. 


These Aries and Leo natives are fiercely competitive and aggressive. 

3. Capricorn

A Capricorn's will to succeed is unquenchable.


They have a bad reputation from the get-go because people assume they will shove others aside if necessary.

4. Virgo

Consistent with their passive aggressive attitude, Virgos will spread negativity, as noted by Bennet. 


They may become cruel to others because they hope it would make them feel better about themselves.

5. Leo

Leos have a reputation for being warm and generous, but if you push them too far, their darker side will emerge.


They have an extreme tendency toward self- and other-preservation.

6. Aquarius

Some people may view Aquarius as cruel since they tend to act rationally rather than emotionally.