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The Quietest Zodiac Sign

Cancers are shy as they like to plan before speaking.

1. Cancer 

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Taking time. They like to talk slowly. Their slow delivery can frustrate their audience. 


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Capricorns are wonderful leaders, but they're perfectionists who won't speak until their remarks are well-organized and clear.

2. Capricorn 

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They're usually the quietest. Unless they get their views united and are no longer hesitant to speak up about an issue.


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Scorpios prefer to keep their secrets to themselves. They're not shy—they don't trust others to keep their secrets. 

3. Scorpio 

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They rarely speak in groups. Scorpios often don't listen because they're distracted.


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Tauruses are serious thinkers who take their time before speaking. Some are perfectionists, but not all.

4. Taurus

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They want to contemplate the matter before speaking.


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Virgos are calm, but they observe everything around them.

5. Virgo

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They're watching everything and plotting how to use it when it's their turn.


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