The Worst Dated Zodiac Sign 

Aries have trouble dating Scorpios. Aries men and Scorpio women are explosive, forceful, and combative.

1. Aries and Scorpio

This can create double heated circumstances between them that are hard to bear over time.

Aries and Scorpio

Their vastly divergent personalities and requirements make them one of the most poisonous zodiac pairings.

2. Taurus and Aries

Taurus and Aries men are adamant and won't move once they set their minds.

Taurus and Aries

They flirt well and make friends easily. Geminis are party life. Cancer is more reserved.

3. Gemini and Cancer

Gemini women are the worst zodiac sign for Cancers to date due to their lifestyles and temperaments.

Gemini and Cancer

Aquarius is free-spirited and Cancer is a bit of a loner.

4. Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer is interested in learning that Aquarius is completely devoted to them.

Cancer and Aquarius

This pair has the worst indicators. As a regal sun sign, Leo can be difficult and enjoys being treated.

5. Leo and Pisces

Leo wants complete devotion. Pisces' gaze wanders. Highs breed treachery and hurt feelings.

Leo and Pisces

Aries and Virgo are poisonous as both of them are driven by perfection. 

6. Virgo and Aries 

Aries prefer making decisions and getting the rewards, making Aries one of the worst female zodiac signs to date.

Virgo and Aries

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