Top 6 Hamstring Exercises For Bigger Hams

1. Clean Deadlift

Your buttocks will be slightly lower and your palms will be slightly wider.

Clean Deadlift

This configuration may require slightly less weight than your standard barbell deadlift, but it is excellent for training the posterior chain.

2. Romanian Deadlift From Deficit

The knees should bend minimally and then remain in that position.

Romanian Deadlift From Deficit

I would reserve this technique for experienced weightlifters who understand what they're doing.

3. Kettlebell One-Legged Deadlift

A unilateral approach to the hip hinge reduces the burden on the back while maximizing hamstring recruitment.

Kettlebell One-Legged Deadlift

The greatest error in this movement is a rounded back.

4. Power Snatch

While the snatch is a full-body movement, the upward acceleration of the bar depends heavily on hamstring strength.

Power Snatch

The first two phases of this exercise are essentially a deficit deadlift and a Romanian deadlift, both of which are extremely effective hamstring exercises.

5. Hang Snatch

The hang snatch is comparable to the power snatch, but the initial lift from the ground to the knees is omitted.

Hang Snatch

If the first portion of this exercise feels similar to a Romanian deadlift, then you are performing it correctly.

6. Floor Glute-Ham Raise

The modified glute-ham raise is significantly more difficult than the original.

Floor Glute-Ham Raise

I recommend using a band, a training companion, or a push-off to ease the difficulty of this exercise.

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