Weird Vegetables You’ve Never Seen Before

1. Celery Root

This vegetable is also known as celeriac, knob celery, and other names. Intriguingly, it is not the root of the classic celery that is commonly consumed.

Celery Root

It is an entirely distinct vegetable, although the two are related.

2. Jerusalem Artichokes

The contents of a container of Jerusalem artichokes overflowing onto a table Jerusalem artichokes are another vegetable with multiple names.

Jerusalem Artichokes

It is also known as sunrooms, sunchokes, and earth apple. The plant itself is a species of sunflower, but we're interested in the roots.

3. Russian Giant Scorzonera

The Russian gigantic scorzonera resembles a carrot in appearance, with its extra-long black roots and white flesh.

Russian Giant Scorzonera

If you reside in the proper climate, it is an easy vegetable to grow.

4. Jicama

A wooden table containing a heap of fresh jicama and one that has been halved.


Jicama is a Mexican root vegetable that is also referred to as the Mexican turnip.

5. Kohlrabi

The primary distinction is that kohlrabi is slightly sweeter than both other vegetables.


Kohlrabi is remarkably simple to work with, as it can be treated similarly to a turnip.

6. Rutabaga

This plant is a cross between a wild cabbage and a turnip. In all honesty, rutabaga resembles a large, unsightly turnip.


Rutabagas are typically unexpectedly sweet and mellow. After cooking, they become richer and more flavorful while retaining their tenderness.

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