What Your Zodiac Sign Can Intentionally Manifest in June

Manifest: Self-acceptance In a sacred space, anoint a blue candle with bergamot essential oil. Repeat the affirmation while massaging the leftover oil into your heart chakra.  


Manifest: Inner courage Basil, burdock root, and verbena make a spiritual sachet. Put it in your pocket or desk to motivate you throughout the day.


Manifest: Grounding While walking barefoot outside, think about your affirmation and how the ground feels. Cypress oil on ankle pulse points grounds you.


Manifest: Gratitude Repeat the affirmation and gratitude at 11:11 and every hour following. Fluorite enhances thankfulness.


Manifest: Peace Anoint the candle with neroli oil and inhale deeply. Sit cross-legged before your altar and say the affirmation 10 times.


Manifest: Safety Make a fist around a seed in your left palm. Repeating the statement, wrap twine around your hand four times. Plant the seed with the binder.


Manifest: A stable relationship Make a tulsi-rosemary-peppermint tea. Repeat the affirmation with a partner or alone to feel grounded and open.


Manifest: Romantic balance In your holy place, arrange red, white, and black candles in a triangle. Balance them with a lemon balm spring, and imagine them becoming one eternal flame when you ignite them.


Manifest: New perspective on health Tea tree oil, a potent zodiac sign essence, should be applied to your pulse points. In savasana, envision a body scan, noting stiffness, emotions, pain, and weariness.


Manifest: Stable relationships Repeat the affirmation with a bittersweet branch for honesty and a blue candle for understanding in your holy area.


Manifest: A new home Tie a green and gold candle to your altar with white thread. Repeat the statement four times and see your house as you ignite them.


Manifest: Opportune conversations Hold an aquamarine and transmit the intention of appropriate discussions into it, then put it in your water bottle for the day.


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