Which Zodiac Sign Will Risk It All For Love, According To An Astrologer

1. LEO

Leos are more likely than any other sign to make moves, stay the course, suffer, plead, and/or violate the law in the name, neigh roar, of love.

Leos are oxygenated by challenge, intrigued by anyone who isn't immediately infatuated with them, and shameless in their pursuit.

Leo Meghan Markle continues to demonstrate the unyielding character of her sign by enduring the world's slings, missiles, and hostility in order to love who she loves.

Leos, who are ruled by the sun, embody its warmth, force, and consumptive qualities.

As a result of their implementation of this solar quality, everything is larger and brighter, including relationships and romantic sentiments in particular.

When it comes to love, Leos are not content to languish or fantasize; rather, they are motivated to take action.

As fixed fire, they are comparable to a controlled blaze in that they can ignite, sustain, and communicate tenderness.

The lion pride views love as a form of art, and they are willing to color outside the lines and extend the canvas to accommodate the eccentric.

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