Why You Lost Wordle Today

Today's Wordle was easy—three guesses. Easy word. Today's Wordle is devilishly hard, according to social media.

This one was hard for many. According to screenshots, Wordlebot's average answer takes 4.7 guesses, yet it couldn't complete the challenge.

(After five guesses, the bot solved today's challenge.) This tweet illustrates the problems: After guessing much of the word, you run out of guesses.

I hope we're far enough down the page to explain the problem: today's word ended in -OUND.

You can't predict the answer by guessing more than six words that finish that way. BOUND, FOUND, HOUND, MOUND, POUND ROUND, SOUND, or WOUND.

Don't start guessing solutions when you've made two or three guesses and know there are seven more.

"Are we there yet?" is like asking 20 minutes into a family road vacation. No way!

Instead, count the alternatives and make an estimate that eliminates as many as feasible.

Hard Mode is hard because this method doesn't work. Hard Mode removes the best methods and makes you rely on chance.

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