Your Zodiac Sign's Friend Type

1. Aquarius

You always listen to your friends' worries. Your advise is sought by many.

2. Pisces

You're the wisest buddy. You are sensitive and keep everyone pleased.

3. Aries

You're your pals' love coach. Your dating advice is the finest.

4. Taurus

You'll do everything for your buddies without asking. You are their constant companion.

5. Gemini

You are the coolest and can brighten a dark environment with a flick of your fingertips.

6. Cancer

You're your group's most compassionate and responsible friend. 

7. Leo

You implement any plan and meet your pals' needs. You're adored.

8. Virgo

You sacrificed to keep everyone safe. Sometimes helping others causes you to hurt yourself.

9. Libra

You're the most honest, regardless of your friends' opinions. 

10. Scorpio

You are a faithful friend and defender. You can't stand the slightest threat to your friends. 

11. Sagittarius

You're that friend who makes everyone laugh. 

12. Capricorn

You're self-reliant. You look after yourself and your pals. You're loved and surrounded.