Zodiac-Based Heartbreakers

1. Leo

Only Leo can compete with you. Strong and fiercely competitive


If you play a Leo's game, they will rapidly shatter your heart.

2. Taurus 

Taurus, a Virgo can walk away from a relationship on an emotional rather than a physical level.


You might assume everything is OK until you start losing touch with your Earth sign mate. 

3. Aquarius

You lack the focus and drive of an Aquarius. They may disappear without a trace or warning.


Aquarians act on impulse, but you two are completely random.

4. Piscean

Your lover understands and appreciates your emotional depth and sensitivity.


You're a Pisces, and you have problems talking to people. 

5. Aries

You're both Aries, therefore you'll end up breaking each other's hearts at different points in your lives.


An Aries might sweep you off your feet and leave you hanging if you aren't feeling confident or pleased. 

6. Scorpio

Scorpio who pines for you will be impossible to resist.


Scorpios don't commit readily and won't define the connection right away. 

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