Zodiac Sign Keeps You Thinking About Your Ex

1. Aries

You two had chemistry. Their mastery of testing and pushing your buttons turned you hot.


They made you laugh or kiss. Your fury has subsided, and you've forgotten why you broke up. 

2. Taurus

Taurus, this individual evokes childhood memories. Perhaps a close friend or relative.


It could be your childlike thoughts and feelings before you recognized self-doubt

3. Gemini

The way vampires could monitor you anywhere and know what you were feeling.


You liked being a riddle and being solved. It was rare, so it felt unique. 

4. Cancer

These dreams were shared by many. Your talks acted out your imagined scenes.


Your talks acted out your imagined scenes. You mentioned maybes and what-ifs. 

5. Leo

Leo, you might've never seen it before. They resembled a magazine or old Hollywood film. 


They were charming, but it was evident they didn't care what others thought of them. 

6. Virgo

After defending your honor, what matters is that you felt something. It was their comfort around you. You're at home. 


They seemed unconcerned about first impressions. You felt those too. Because of the warmth, you forgave them.