Zodiac Sign Love Language

1. Taurus

Body language typically reveals personality and mood. Taurus masters nonverbal and love language. 

2. Gemini

They're fun-loving and friendly. Geminis need cerebral stimulation and quality time. 

 3. Cancer

Cancers are sensitive, temperamental, and emotional. Insecurities make them clinging. 

4. Leo

They are confident, funny, and irritable. Lions are friendly and generous.

5. Virgo

Practical Virgos work hard. They follow schedules and work well. 

6. Libra

Libras are autonomous, though. Keep them joyful by letting their spirit fly.

7. Scorpio

 They are very skilled at masking their true feelings, making it hard for us to know them.

8. Sagittarius

 They appreciate entertaining activities and deep chats with their partner.

9. Capricorn

Capricorns always have a goal. They are responsible, earnest, and silent. 

10. Aquarius

Aquarius is independent, creative, caring, and empathetic. They also lead compassionately.

11. Pisces

Pisces is sensitive. Emotional, caring, and gentle. Pisces is friendly, artistic, and perceptive.