Zodiac Signs' Most Common Relationship Issues

1. Aries

This sign is perfect. They're romantic, devoted, and loving. Aries' love explosions can be good or bad.

2. Taurus

They're headstrong and don't care about other perspectives. They may appear careless and indifferent.

3. Gemini

They live in a fantasy world where everything is perfect. They emerge from that trance to a frigid shower.

4. Cancer 

You see, a clingy, reliant lover may become insecure over time. This is likely but not guaranteed.

5. Leo 

Leos can identify your shortcomings but not the problem. Their inability to accept blame makes this unattractive.

6. Virgo 

This side generates most relationship issues. They're obsessive but structured.

7. Libra 

They adore lavishing care on their partner. Their dedication makes them unselfish.

8. Scorpio 

People give up when they discover you're unfixable. In a relationship, this may be false.

9. Sagittarius 

Partners may feel suspicious if you often need space.

10. Capricorn 

They just want to make others happy. This often puts them in trouble.

11. Aquarius 

This can leave them emotionally distant, something no spouse desires. It will also alienate them.

12. Pisces 

Your uptight demeanor might rapidly irritate others. This often leads to continuous comparisons.