Zodiac Signs Reveal Past Lives

1. Aries

Army leaders, like Aries, are determined to achieve their aims despite opposition.


If you had better control over your temper and impulsivity, your innate abilities to lead and understanding could have created you a world ruler. 

2. Taurus

Taurus, in your prior life, Aries governed you and gave you energy, willpower, and inventiveness.


You were probably an artist many years ago since these traits helped you produce beauty in the world. 

3. Gemini

Gemini as one of the most gregarious signs of the zodiac, you may have worked in show industry in a prior life.


Geminis are magnetic, creative, dynamic, and intellectual. Because of this, you may have been famous and lived in luxury. 

4. Cancer

Cancers are selfless and serve others, thus you may have worked as an educator for children in a prior life. 


Your compassion spreads and improves the world. You likely led children in your prior life because they felt comfortable in your aura.

5. Leo

Leo, your creativity and ability to communicate your feelings vocally and in writing suggest that you may have been a writer in a prior life.


Your cheerfulness, creativity, and self-confidence would have encouraged you to produce memorable pieces.

6. Virgo

Virgo, your capacity to analyse, deduce, and examine critically in daily life suggests you were an academic in the past.


You would have been a great researcher with an aim of helping others.