Zodiac Signs That Always Want To Fight

1. Aries

You get angry easily. You are competitive and ready for payback.


You're one of the most fiery signs, so watch your back.

2. Taurus

You are one of the worst signs since you may go from fine to angry in seconds. 


You're the shortest-fused sign and will go out of your way to beat up someone who's annoyed you.

3. Gemini

Fight your way. You don't fight, but you get even when required. 


You humiliate individuals in ways that make them detest you for years. I like your ruthlessness.

4. Cancer

No matter the attacker, you will fight back. You're always bursting. 


People believe you're insane, but you just don't know how to deal with your emotions as effectively as you think.

5. Leo

You quarrel because your pride and ego are too much. 


You'll cut them off or tear them down to stay in the spotlight. Challenges never last.

6. Scorpio

This sign always fights. You deliberately hurt those you don't like and manipulate them.


You will keep a grudge for years and take what you think you deserve.