Zodiac Signs That Break Promises

1. Aries

Those born under this sign are known to make promises without giving any thought to whether or not they can actually follow through on them. 


They agree to things without giving it much thought and are easily thrown off course when it comes to keeping their word.

2. Libra

They want to be liked by everyone, thus they regularly make promises they can't keep just to make the other person happy in the moment. 


They have a hard time saying no to people, and as a result, they frequently make promises they can't keep.

3. Sagittarius

A sag person is someone who is willing to make a promise and then follow through on it. 


When people become preoccupied with themselves, though, they may forget or simply break the promises they made.

4. Aquarius

It's not uncommon for an Aquarius to make a promise in the hopes of reaping a reward. 


Assuming they are in need of something from you, whatever promises they make will be motivated only by their own self-interest.

5. Pisces

As a result of this inclination, they are constantly overwhelmed by the number of people who require their assistance. 


They are unable to say no to others and will often push themselves too far in order to fulfill every promise or oath they have made. 

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