Zodiac Signs That Crazily Love Cats

1. Capricorn

Capricorns are ambitious and want to lead and be part of something huge.


If you don't have plans, Capricorn may leave you for her cat.

2. Aquarius

Free-thinking Aquarians attract their pets with amusing games and honest discussion.


Aquarius become quite clingy once they adore you. Aquarians regard cats like friends, never smothering them.

3. Cancer

Aquariuses are crazy and proud! They enjoy partying. They'll get crazy if challenged.


Cancer loves her kitties like children. She already showers her cats with toys.

4. Leo

Cats keep Leos grounded in their home life when they'd otherwise be out and about.


Leos enjoy how photogenic their cat companions are, sometimes sharing pet photos instead of selfies. Real love!

5. Pisces

Pisces already prefers to stay home with her pets, fluffy pillows, warm blankets, and Netflix.


She prefers cats over you because they make her feel like herself.

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