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Zodiac Signs Who Are Good At Hiding Emotions

Taurus' rigidity hinders many things, but his emotions are among the top five.

6. Taurus

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Taurus is known for showing his feelings but rarely admitting them.


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They don't combine emotions and business. Work comes first, therefore they won't tell you how they feel.

5. Capricorn

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They quickly break up with a partner if they sense danger. Capricorns are skilled at not fooling about or cheating on their partners.


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You may think they're close because they're friendly. Their true feelings are only shown to a few trusted persons.

4. Aquarius

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People have trouble expressing themselves. These freewheeling folks can take a while to get into a relationship.


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Weights can communicate their feelings if necessary. If the problem is you, they will tell you how dissatisfied you are.

3. Libra

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Libras loathe conflict and hiding their genuine selves. If Libra is honest, they desire equilibrium.


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Unless necessary, Virgo hides his feelings. He prefers to keep his personal life private.

2. Virgo

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Virgo will open up only in desperate circumstances. He is too busy to express his feelings.


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Scorpio's innermost feelings are steel. Nobody can understand him.

1. Scorpio

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He hides his sentiments for several reasons, but the most prevalent is that he feels weak when he does.


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