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Zodiac Signs With the Highest EQs

You are sensitive and imaginative—the epitome of empathy.

1. Pisces

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Loving and caring fish are emotionally intelligent and always endeavor to understand others.


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Cancer is second emotionally intelligent. They feel intensely, over-analyze, and scrutinize every notion.

2. Cancer

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They appear tougher than they are. They are sensitive and easily upset.


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Libras want balance and fairness. She is uncomfortable in unpleasant settings.

3. Libra

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They have a high EQ because they can read people's body language and emotions.


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Geminis are emotionally unstable. Everyone will notice their anger.

4. Gemini

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One can understand their fear and disappointment despite their best efforts to suppress them.


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You can empathize with people despite your rational-perfectionist disposition.

5. Virgo

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You listen well since you don't talk too much. Analytical talents let you accurately evaluate others.


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Scorpios are openhearted. They don't mind being vulnerable, but they're always afraid someone will exploit it.

6. Scorpio

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Scorpios will always ghost those who exploit them. Till they have enough revenge. 


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