Zodiac Sign's Worst Personality Trait

1. Aries

Think carefully before taking action.

2. Taurus

It's nice to relax with a good book, peaceful music, and the coziest blanket, but sometimes it's too much for others.

3. Gemini 

While you don't intend to divulge your friends' deep dark confidential information.

4. Cancer

You appear needy because they don't realize you're nurturing them. 

5. Leo

Being sensitive exposes your true self, yet oversensitivity is annoying.

6. Virgo

Asking for and listening to others' opinions may benefit you.

7. Libra

You have often bottled up your emotions to escape a situation. 

8. Scorpio

You're good at making friends, so people open up to you, but it's gone wrong before. 

9. Sagittarius

You detest being questioned about your career, life choices, or outlook. 

10. Capricorn

Guarantees can ruin relationships. Some promises can only be felt.

11. Aquarius

It will benefit you and your loved ones.

12. Pisces

You always drop everything to help your pal.