Zodiacs Who Are Most Definitely The Problem

1. Gemini 

You can't choose between the two when they both have the potential to ruin your life.


They are the worst kind of enemy since they are always dishing out drama and lying on the side.


They'll be all over you with affection and praise one minute, and then spreading rumors about you to the rest of the Zodiac thugs the next. 

2. Virgo 

Their meticulousness is admirable, but it can lead to a thousand fights over the correct way to fold a fitted sheet.


Their tendency to criticize others while ignoring their own mistakes makes their critical character less endearing than it otherwise would be.


The bright side is that you can stop worrying about your fly being down forever.

3. Scorpio 

He fascination of those eyes lies in the fact that you can never fully understand what they are thinking. 


But don't forget that enormous power also comes with great responsibility.

4. Capricorn 

Many of our friendships and partnerships rely on the rock-solid stability provided by Capricorns, our favorite earth signs. 


Capricorns can have an unhealthy obsession with micromanaging every aspect of their lives.


They may constantly criticize you for not loading the dishwasher the way they do.

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