Zodiacs With Imposter Syndrome

1. Cancer

Cancer always feels inadequate, even when they win accolades and are recognized by others. 


They worry that everyone will be disappointed when they discover they're a fraud.


They are the textbook example of imposter syndrome. We can't reassure Cancer—they have to figure it out themselves.

2. Leo

Leo may surprise. However, Leos make one major mistake. 


Leos feel like failures without regular praise. Their self-confidence is weak.


Pauses in praise make people feel like imposters, not praise itself. 

3. Virgo

Hard-working Virgos are known. They know they work hard. 


They may take an extended absence at work and worry that everyone will discover they're the worst employee.


They work hard because of that. They cannot be imposters if they never quit.

4. Capricorn

Virgo, Capricorns on work extensively and worry that laziness would make them look like impostors. 


It's a tightrope walk that typically causes greater tension.

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